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Many surf beginners will wonder what is meant when the surf coach says: "Take a Lycra!", "There's the channel!" or "Don't pull the leash through the sand! We assure you that you will hear some of these expressions in your first surf sessions right away. But what is meant by that? Today we explain the most important terms for the first surf sessions.


The Beachbreak is one of three forms of surf. It refers to waves that break on sandbanks.


The Break is the point in the water where the shaft breaks.


The Channel is a calm place in the water where no or only a few waves break. This is caused by currents or deeper water. The channel is good for paddling out.


A surfer makes a Drop-In when he drives into another surfer's wave and takes his right of way. Of course, this is not seen with much pleasure.

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Surfing is no longer just a sport. Surfing is a lifestyle that we encounter again and again in the strangest ways in our daily lives... for example in art! Today's guest contribution by Sigrid:


The 1st big wave of (art) history! Who of the passionate or even occasional surfers would not like to surf this wave?

You can see the "Great Wave before Kanagawa", which the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai printed around 1832. Basically, he was less interested in showing a special wave than in depicting the holy Mount Fuji - this small, 25x37cm woodblock print was one of a total of 36 views of the mountain. The famous mountain, almost 4000 meters high, appears like a tiny little cone almost in the center of the picture, but in the background, in a wave valley.
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Surfing is not only a sport, surfing is a culture - a whole lifestyle. And what should not be missing? The music! That's what our blog is about today. We dedicate ourselves completely to the sounds of surf music, from the beginning in the 1960s until today, from purely instrumental sounds, to vocal pieces to reggae.


What is surf music?


The genre of surf music originated in California in the 1960s. It originally describes a predominantly instrumental variant of Rock n Roll. The Beach Boys were the ones who primarily shaped surf music in its beginnings. And through them it also became internationally popular. Surf music changed over time. Singing was added, the basis is no longer only Rock n Roll but also Ska and Reggea. Nowadays there is no more uniform, typical surf music. As individual as the surfing style of each surfer is, so different is the music. 

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Professional surfers like Kelly Slater and Rochelle Ballard already show us how: Yoga. So this combination can only be promising. And although it doesn't seem like it at first glance: Yoga and surfing have a lot in common. And by that I don't just mean that you lose your balance in both sports :) Read for yourself!


Yoga is a perfect preparation for and ideal supplement to surfing. Those who do yoga regularly become more flexible, strengthen their balance and breathing and build up muscles. Isn't that what we need for surfing? Yes, it is. It trains exactly the muscle groups we need for surfing. In yoga you develop a feeling for your body. The many balance exercises give you a secure footing. A stable body feeling is essential to cut a good figure on the board. Yoga also teaches patience and serenity. Surfers can only benefit from this if they lie in the water again and wait for the perfect wave. If it is there and we have underestimated it, some become anxious or even panic-stricken. In such rather stressful situations, where the body normally tenses itself, we have to keep calm, relax and stay concentrated - and this is also what we learn in the mental training of yoga. Yoga not only strengthens the body, but also the mind. Yoga also stretches muscles and tendons, which can prevent injuries and soreness. In the strengthening, stretching and balance exercises we also stimulate our circulation.

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It's Sunday night and you don't know which movie to watch? "What was the name of the one surf movie Tobi recommended to us the other day?" you're thinking. You probably know such situations. So that you won't have to think long next time, we'll introduce you to six of the best surf films today!


1st The Endless Summer (1966)

The documentary accompanies two surfers on their journey around the world and their search for the perfect wave and the endless summer.


Mike Hynson and Robert August, two of the best surfers of the 60s, together with director and surffan Bruce Brown, leave California's full beaches to follow the summer. Their journey takes them from America, Africa and the coasts of Australia and New Zealand to the paradisiacal beaches of Tahiti and Hawaii. Looking for the best surf spots, the two meet locals again and again to teach them how to surf. The film awakens a feeling of freedom, adventure and fun!


Who wants a summer to end with great waves and great surf experiences?

6 of the best surf movies - A must for every surffan