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Let us get you started with our step-by-step guide an put your product online. Once you have a free account on surf.holiday you will be able to post or edit your offer at any time.


Login registration

To use surf.holiday you have to create your own account. To create your account simply go to "Log in" an then "Register". Fill in all necessary information and with your registration you can now start with step 1.


Step 1 destination

First enter your exact location (town, street, house number). Regularly our system will recognize your location very accurately. If everything works out, the destination, region, address, postal code and city will be updated automatically. The map section also allows you to set the satellite function to check your exact location visually. If all details are correct, proceed with the next tab "Data".


Step 2 data

Choose one or more sports you offer (surfing, kitesurfing, SUP, windsurfing). Choose the months in which you open your surf school, rent out your accommodation or offer complete trips. Even if you start with your product in the middle of a month, you should indicate this month as open. Title: Choose an apt title that will bring your product to the heart. For example: Vieux Boucau surf school for children and adults of all levels. Note: The number of words is not limited, but better choose a short catch phrase!

Description: In this box you can describe your product in 999 words. You can write a body text, but you can also present your product using the key points. When you click "link" please enter the link to the specific product you want to offer.  If you need help writing texts do not hesitate to contact us under "contact".


Step 3 pictures

Show what you have to offer. Just drag and drop pictures from your desktop to the box. You can choose a cover picture by clicking the star next to your favourite picture. To remove an image, simply click the trash icon. Please keep in mind that you must have own rights for all pictures and you must respect privacy and personal rigths.


Step 4 filters

In order to describe your product as precisely as possible set our filters in fine-tuning and get found by your target group. To get everything right we wrote a filter lexicon that describes the individual parameters in detail. If you miss a filter, you can contact us.


Step 5 contact

After your product presentation every customer can use a contact from to inquiry or contact you. Please enter your contact details so your customers can easily get in touch with you. All conversations will be forwarded to your email, surf.holiday will not answer these requests. With this system every customer has a simple way to contact you and you can increase your visibility to the outside.


Step 6 preview

Your product is now ready and can be previewed the way customers will see it online. Under Administration on the left side you have the possibility to edit all single steps until you are satisfied with the presentation of your product.


We wish you every success, attention and new customers with your presentation on surf.holiday. If you have any problems proceeding or other, do not hesitate to contact us.