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Filter Lexicon

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Filter lexicon



Choose between surfing, SUP (Stand Up Paddle), kitesurfing and windsurfing. If you can offer several sports in your surf school or at your location (near the accommodation), choose several sports.


Select the country in which your surf school, accommodation or travel offer is located. That way our users can find their desired destination directly.

Travel period

Please select the travel period in which you offer courses, accommodation or travel offers. Even if you do not start your offer until the middle of a month, you should still select this month.


Here you can specify whether you offer courses exclusively in one of the sports, accommodation or a complete trip (course, accommodation, meals, possibly arrival/departure). If you offer a course with accommodation and meals, it is already a surf trip (Package). If you want to rent out an accommodation where a surf school, that you do not own, is nearby, please select accommodation only. The user will still find you if he searches for his sport.


Is your product suitable for groups (i.e. several people or large travel groups), for individual travellers (couples or single travellers who want to take it a little easier) or for families? Here you can of course specify several options. Please keep in mind that several characters can also deter certain target groups.

Type of Accommodation

Here we distinguish between fixed accommodations, mobile homes and tents. Fixed accommodation are: Hostels, hotels, apartments, holiday flats /-houses and villas. The characterization of a Mobile Home is: Wooden cabins on a campsite or just cabins, similar to a summerhouse, which are not built of concrete. If you choose a fixed accommodation as well as the category Mobile Home, your product should always have a bathroom, toilet and kitchen with cooking facilities. By tents we mean all types of tents without their own sanitary facilities.


Do you offer breakfast on your surf trip or in your accommodation? Half board includes breakfast and a warm dinner. Another option would be a small packed lunch. Full board means that the client will be provided with a rich lunch, one warm component must at least be included. If you choose the self-catering category, your product must include cooling, cooking and rinsing facilities.

Special diets

Vegetarian meals should provide sufficient alternatives to meat and fish products. Vegan food excludes all animal products. If you select gluten- and lactose-free food as filter, you definitely should provide it on side. Keep in mind that gluten- and lactose-free food requires knowledge and extra work for the crew.


Here you can choose between several activities. You offer Yoga in your product? Even if there is an external yoga school in the immediate vicinity of your accommodation, you may choose this filter. The same applies to fitness studios, bike rentals (private or external), hiking (external organizer in the immediate proximity) and volleyball courts. If you choose the filter pool, it must be located on the property of your product. A bar can be located in the immediate neighbourhood of your product. If excursions are offered on site for a fee or free of charge and belong to your product range, you can choose this filter. Agencies, even in immediate proximity, are not considered filters.

Type of room

As dorm we understand all room types, which accommodate more than 2 persons. In your product description (as body text) you should pay close attention to the definition of the room types (3-bed, 4-bed, 5-bed, bunk bed, single bed, etc.). Double room includes all rooms with a double bed or two single beds, but no bunk bed, even if only 2 people sleep in the room. A double room can also be a family room equipped with a double bed for the parents and a small extra bed for babies or small children (i.e. actually 3 persons and 2.5 beds).


If a room, which you rent individually in your hostel, hotel or apartment complex has its own bathroom then select this filter. If you rent out entire houses or apartments, you do not have to consider this filter because sanitary facilities will not be shared with other customers. If your product has an air conditioning, choose this category. The air conditioner does not necessarily have to be installed in the bedroom. If your accommodation has its own balcony or terrace, choose this category. This does not include communal balconies and/or terraces. If customers have the opportunity to secure their valuables in a safe within their accommodation, click this filter.

Surf Level

By beginners we mean real beginners, so the customer takes part for the first time in the courses you offer. Intermediates are customers who have already taken part in a first course or who have been involved in the sport for some time but do not see themselves as omniscient, absolute experts. As advanced we address customers who would like to improve their skills and usually choose individual lessons or courses with a very small number of participants (maximum 4 persons). Of course, you can choose multiple filters; surf schools should have these categories in their repertoire anyways.

Surf spot

Is your accommodation or surf school close to a beach break? By reef we mean any point breaks. Rivers and lakes are suitable for SUP, Kite- and Windsurfing.


If you offer free WIFI, choose this category. The filter "equipment rental" includes all materials necessary for practising surfing, SUP, kite- and windsurfing (board, leash, neo, slide pads, life jackets, helmets, etc.). If you offer a shuttle to your accommodation, surf school or surf trip from the nearest airport, train station, tram, and subway or bus station, select this filter. If you click childcare, you are able to provide trained staff who will take care of your clients' children during course hours.


For courses and packages: Choose the filter € if your offer costs less than 200€. Between 201€ and 499€ choose €€. If your offer cost more than 499€, choose €€€. For accommodation/per night: 1€ - 70€ (=€), 71€ - 149€ (=€€), from 150€ (=€€€).


Which languages do you and your staff speak? In which languages can you teach the courses?