Yoga at surf camp? Why Yoga and Surfing belong together

  • Veröffentlicht am 15.05.2019 10:00

Professional surfers like Kelly Slater and Rochelle Ballard already show us how: Yoga. So this combination can only be promising. And although it doesn't seem like it at first glance: Yoga and surfing have a lot in common. And by that I don't just mean that you lose your balance in both sports :) Read for yourself!


Yoga is a perfect preparation for and ideal supplement to surfing. Those who do yoga regularly become more flexible, strengthen their balance and breathing and build up muscles. Isn't that what we need for surfing? Yes, it is. It trains exactly the muscle groups we need for surfing. In yoga you develop a feeling for your body. The many balance exercises give you a secure footing. A stable body feeling is essential to cut a good figure on the board. Yoga also teaches patience and serenity. Surfers can only benefit from this if they lie in the water again and wait for the perfect wave. If it is there and we have underestimated it, some become anxious or even panic-stricken. In such rather stressful situations, where the body normally tenses itself, we have to keep calm, relax and stay concentrated - and this is also what we learn in the mental training of yoga. Yoga not only strengthens the body, but also the mind. Yoga also stretches muscles and tendons, which can prevent injuries and soreness. In the strengthening, stretching and balance exercises we also stimulate our circulation.

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But yoga is only good for surfing, the two sports have a lot in common. Yoga on the yoga mat, surfing on the surfboard - we do both on a long, narrow object. As already mentioned, both sports are about endurance, strength, flexibility and body tension.  Sometimes the movements are even very similar. The take off, for example, is the continuation of the cobra. And once you stand, you just have to take the yoga warrior position - well, almost. Just turn the front foot ... But above all the body as well as the mind play an important role in both disciplines: body and mind should be brought into harmony. Man and nature should harmonize. This probably also suggests that surfing and yoga have something spiritual about them. It is about letting go, about the feeling of absolute freedom and satisfaction and the whole thing concentrates on the here and now. Ultimately, both sports are often referred to as lifestyle. Yoga and surfing are not just simple   sports - we live them.

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As you can see, yoga and surfing are much closer to each other than you might imagine at first glance. Yoga helps you to get your body into shape. And who doesn't want to cut a good figure on the surfboard? Both stand for freedom, lightness and awareness. Yoga clears your head - free for surfing. 


And, will you try it?

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